Open Letter To Sudarsan Pattnaik: Will You Make A Sand Art On Father’s Day 2018?

Dear Padma Shri Sudarsanji,

I am a huge fan of your work. For years, I have been following your work – on TV, in newspapers, and more lately, on Twitter. You have been a great ambassador of India to the world. I write to you with a hope that this letter reaches you.

India is celebrating “FATHER’S DAY” on Sunday, 17th June 2018. While I strongly believe that every day is Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, I also believe that we should celebrate such days with full enthusiasm. Days like this give us a chance to look back, reflect and appreciate the small joys of life that we might have missed in this rat raced life. Days like this fill us with nostalgia and also, sometimes fill us with introspection. Many organizations across India take this opportunity earnestly to do social service and raise awareness towards several causes.

It is said that a Father is a son’s first HERO and a daughter’s first LOVE. But, fathers have tremendous pressure to be providers. A man, in general, in Indian society is entirely defined by how good of a provider he is, and that causes tremendous mental strain over the years. So much so that sometimes all the hard work, sacrifices, love of fathers are not valued, but what is valued is how much his Bank Balance is, how much his ATM has and even kids are sometimes brainwashed into this. Fathers become the most unnoticed, unsung, unpraised yet one of the most valuable assets of our society. On Father’s day, it is important for us to recognize and reward fathers for being there, and actively teaching important life skills to children.

A father can be posted at Siachen, a father can be controlling traffic in scorching heat in Ahmedabad, a father can be representing our country in sports at Tokyo, a father can be a sewage worker in Chennai, a father can be slogging it out in office in Pune, a father can be yearning to meet his kids because he is not allowed to meet them in Chandigarh, a father can be a sand artist in Odisha.

While we celebrate #MothersDay with huge zeal and gusto and rightly so, IMO, we do not share the sentiment for #FathersDay. Look at the number of brands who come up with themes, competitions, parties etc on #MothersDay and compare it to their participation for #FathersDay. I would not go into the discussion on why they do so, but I am keeping things simple and calling it a ‘lack of awareness’ (in some cases, ‘lack of sensitivity’).  

Sudarsanji, your both sand arts on #MothersDay2018 last month were brilliant and so widely shared.

Equally good was your sand art on #MothersDay2017 last year

and on #MothersDay2016 the year before.

As a loving son to my father, I request you to create a sand art dedicated to all fathers in our nation on #FathersDay2018 on June 17, 2018. This would not only make me and millions like me very happy but would also raise awareness for #FathersDay. Since you have not made a sand art for #FathersDay earlier, I believe this would be a challenging territory for you as well, and knowing your work, I am sure you will take up this challenge with super delight.

Generally, open letters are used to criticize people, but I use this open letter to request you a sand art for #FathersDay which is well due and well deserved.

Hope you respond to this letter by creating a sand art for Fathers.

P.S. To all of you who are reading this, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, just drop everything for five minutes. Go and see or meet or call your father and tell him that you LOVE him.


Edit: 17th June 2018

Sudarsanji did create a brilliant sand art for #FathersDay.

I don’t know he read my open letter or not, and that doesn’t even matter now. He did what is right & he should be applauded for that.


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