Open Letter To PM Modi & BJP President Amit Shah: You lost MP & Rajasthan because of us.

Respected PM Narendra Modi & BJP President Amit Shah,

I write this open letter to you with a hope that this letter reaches you. The State Election Results of five states were declared yesterday. The BJP was ruling in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh and the Congress has come to power in this three states. As Bloombergquint quoted “BJP Down 180 Seats, Congress Up 162 In Three Hindi-Heartland States”. I am sure that there will be expert analysis from your side on why the losses happened and you will make decisions based on the analysis too. I, however, present a few details here which ‘might’ help you take some decisions.

Sir, there can be many reasons for the losses: Anti Incumbency, campaigning, choice of candidates, local issues, rebellions etc. I wish to talk about only one here: “NOTA (None Of The Above)“. There are voters who are not happy with the BJP and they cannot go to Congress & its allies and hence press NOTA, because for them, there is no alternative. The votes cast as NOTA are counted, they are considered as invalid votes so they will not change the outcome of the election process but this voters can atleast make a statement. A large part of NOTA votes comprises of innocent men & their families who are facing #FakeCases like 498A, DV etc.

A simple search on Twitter with the hashtags #NOTA4Men, #NOTAIn2019 or #MenVote will help you realize the pain & agony that men & their families are going through due to the Gender Biased laws. Everyone (and even the staunchest of feminists) will agree that the laws are misused with statements like “No one is denying that Section 498A may have spawned a few false cases.” or people like Farhan Akhtar, who are openly biased, admitting about false cases. Well, what more can one say when the former Judge, Supreme Court of India Justice Markandey Katju states this:

or when Honorable Court states “Misuse of dowry provisions is legal terrorism”.

News like this & this are so common now. I had tweeted the alarming & increasing rate of Men’s Suicide in India hoping that it would interest you (as it was in your style)

and wrote about the systematic ignorance towards Child Boys’ Issues in my post here! But you did not listen. Men & their families tagged you in tweets, wrote letters to you, staged protest marches but you did not listen. Infact, one of your ministers is busy giving out statements like:

  • “Never heard or read of men committing suicide”
  • “All violence is male-generated”
  • “Not under me!” (when asked about support to BOYS to continue education)

What a shame!

Honorable Supreme Court stated “Misuse of the provision has caused social unrest. But, it’s not for the Courts to fill in legislative gaps.” This men & their families looked up to you to fill the legislative gaps. The biased laws were brought by the Congress but you, Sir, & the BJP have not taken a single step to amend the laws, to tackle the menace of men’s suicide or to bring in the provisions of punishment for women who file false cases. All that this men demanded from you is:

  • Promotion of Gender equal laws to promote family harmony (man/woman to be replaced by person and husband/wife to be replaced by spouse).
  • Punishment for misuse of the provisions of the dowry law by default in case the complaint / case if found false.
  • Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA) of 2005 should be gender neutral as it is in all developed countries.
  • Workplace harassment legal framework should be made gender neutral.


Now, see for yourself what NOTA did.
Below is the final seat tally of Madhya Pradesh State Assembly Results as per the EC Website.

The Congress is ahead of the BJP by 5 seats. Now, check this out.

Seat 1: Biaora

(Constituency Name, Constituency No, Leading Candidate, Leading Party, Trailing Candidate, Trailing Party, Margin)

Margin of victory: 826

NOTA: 1481

Seat 2: Damoh

Margin of victory: 798

NOTA: 1299

Seat 3: Gunnour

Margin of victory: 1984

NOTA: 3734

Seat 4: Gwalior South

Margin of victory: 121

NOTA: 1550

Seat 5: Jabalpur North

Margin of victory: 578

NOTA: 1209

Seat 6: Jobat

Margin of victory: 2056

NOTA: 5139

Seat 7: Mandhata

Margin of victory: 1236

NOTA: 1575

Seat 8: Nepanagar

Margin of victory: 1264

NOTA: 2551

Seat 9: Rajnagar

Margin of victory: 732

NOTA: 2485

Seat 10: Rajpur (ST)

Margin of victory: 932

NOTA: 3358

Seat 11: Suwasra

Margin of victory: 350

NOTA: 2976

If the NOTA votes in all the above 11 seats would have gone to the BJP, then the final seat tally in Madhya Pradesh State Assembly (total of 230 seats) would look like:

Bharatiya Janata Party: 120 (109+11)

Indian National Congress: 103 (114-11)

Bahujan Samaj Party: 2

Samajwadi Party: 1

Independent: 4

Guess who would form the Government?

I did a similar analysis for Rajasthan & it ended up taking your tally up by 7 seats: from 73 to 80 (at seats like Begun, Dantaramgarh, Fatehpur, Khetri, Marwar junction, Pachpadra & Pokaran). That is a better figure even if it would mean you would have still not be able to form the Government.

The bottom line is:

  • Why can’t you hear the voices of the men & their families?
  • When you say “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas”, why are the men & their families not included in this inclusion?
  • What stops you to get rid of Gender Biased Laws & bring in Gender Neutral Laws against all crimes?
  • Why is there no provision of a strong and stringent punishment for all who file false cases, and put burden on our Judicial system, ruin innocent lives of others beyond repair to settle personal scores, using laws as weapons?
  • Why are people who are full of misandry given a place in the Cabinet of Ministers?
  • Why are issues like boys’ sexual abuse, boys’ education dropout and elder abuse not addressed?
  • Why are you not worried about the massive rate of men’s suicide?

The writing is on the wall, Sir. If you don’t address this men’s & their families’ grievances, they will not buy your hollow slogans. You have already seen this now.

Better late than never.



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  1. ankit

    No BJP will not listen to men’s and their suffering and that we have seen in last 4 years. So no matter what the outcome of the election is #Nota4Men is the only option for us. And yes Mr. Modi has u listened to the cries of these men’s the result would hhave been different.

  2. Pawan Goyal

    Hats off Pankaj… You have done a great service to men in general.. more particularly to the nation. Hope this helps the stake holders to mend their ways, in time. I seriously don’t want to press NOTA unless BJP compells to do so. Well done.

  3. Kamlesh Doltani

    Ye sab jo log juthe 498A,Dv,125, lows ka miss use huva he or Government usko Dekh ke bhi ansuna karti he to jis par ye lows ka misuse huva he or jo Paresaniya pure Parivar ko bhogni padi he isliye VOTE NOTA Me gaye he

  4. NOTA voters are soon going to increase in numbers as these are the ones who dont identify themselves with any party. This holds specially true for the male gender of this country as no political party wishes to listen to them or address their issues and each of these have only increased the gynocentrism that has creepy in every sphere of life.
    With this undisputed, men’s rights activists, male victims of misuse of women-centric laws, their families and all those supporting them have no option but to vote for NOTA or bring their oen political party to the fore.
    BJP hasn’t learnt from similar observations shared after Gujarat elections where they lost more than handful seats due to NOTA. They have repeated their mistakes of not bringing men’s rights in their menifesto in these ekctions as well. They are definitely shooing away male voters.
    Nice analysis, Pankaj.

  5. Siva Mani

    Surely nota going to increase as there is no system for men but even for dogs , animals there are system or people .If no gender equality law this I’ll continue for sure as most of them are getting fed up with gender biased laws .This effect could be seen by mee2 movement in the country if you unwawre of the women and girls are accusing men even if they have no evidence .If they have they could go for police and file case but none other than making also allegation …..Etc .No government to regulate it ….

  6. Arjun Vhajage

    Pankaj, you wrote a very eye opening article. First of all, you make a stoke on right time. May God bestow some light in their head regarding this issue. Thank you my friend Pankaj for raising this issue. We are with you: Adv Arjun Vhajage, Pune.

  7. Santosh

    NOTA will slowly but surely dethrone anyone in the apex who would care a fig for these gender biased laws that are blatantly being misused with impunity by our Legal system, Police and the so called educated Bharatiya Nari.
    MGTOW / NOTA is the only way ahead to make these unscrupulous elements to wake up to reality.

  8. Retd.Warrant Officer , IAF


  9. Gagan deep Jaiswal

    Mr. Modi (sorry u have lost all respect from hindus), hindus males and their families are so anguished with your attitude and focus toward Muslims a d focusing on one gender of the society…I can bet you bring the laws for saving innocent males and Thier family members else be ready to roll your bed ….mind you chances of going back to Gujarat are also meager…

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